Drinkin’ All Day

Sippin’ away
Startin’ to sway
Livin’ my way
Drinkin’ all day…

Worlds apart you and me both are,
I never thought that we would ever grow this far.
Gonna spend the rest of my life getting drunk at the bar.
Ruining my mind, not so bright like a star.
I’m tired of your pity, I like being alone
Get smashed, have some laughs, brake a bone.
Ask my brother for a loan
Never pay it back, huff and snap, call the d on the phone.
Yeah man, can i get a bottle and a twenty?
Shit there’s only me. that should be plenty.
Filling up my guts so I don’t feel so empty.
Pathetic huh?
But never judge.
I’m a pleasure but without a drink I wont budge.
So I’ll be…

…Sippin’ away
Startin’ to sway
Livin my way
Drinkin’ all day


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