Rêves Parisiens (Parisian Dreams)

These are two experimental poems, inspired by Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris. The first piece is my poetic impression of the sincere beauty of the story. The second is a haiku in French, used as a comment on romanticism as a whole (English translation underneath).


Midnight in Paris

Walking the Parisian cobbles.
Over memories,
Over time.
Dancing under twenties moonlight.
Yearning Pablo, F Scott and Ernest.

Aroused, outside fictitious love.
Lies behind futures prison bars.
Loneliness in your company,
Ends for me tonight.
New life, Paris at midnight.

Roman Rose

Rien mais tactile pur.
La pluie tombe sur la ville.
Baiser et disparaître.

Pink Romance
(English Translation)

Nothing but pure touch.
Raindrops fall on the city.
Kiss and disappear.


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