Why the Vinyl Revival is Great for the Music Industry

Opposite to what many people believe, there are no rules or restrictions for a person’s love of music. None. Except for maybe a morbidly obsessive behaviour towards your favourite artists; but celebrity and fandom are a whole different kettle of fish that we’ll talk about in another article.
A lot of the nostalgia and romanticism of listening to music at home has dramatically reduced. Since the CD boom in the 1990’s and the even bigger flex of the music muscle in the 00’s, when the MP3 was introduced, listening to music on a personal and interactive level has all but disappeared. Gone were the days of de-sleeving a record, placing it on the turntable and feeling the excitement just before the needle drops. The music lover can now only get that interaction from seeing live concerts, which many cannot afford.
Whilst I do admit seeing a band live, like Black Sabbath say, beats listening to them in any other format. But what can you do; follow Ozzy and Tony around and get them to belt out a few bars of ‘Paranoid’ every time you fancy a rock-out? Hardly. But against this, what have the younger Sabbath fans got to listen to? A shoddy re-mastered CD box-set that Sharon couldn’t help releasing. It’s just not good enough. Unless the younger music fans where lucky enough to have been passed down some old records by their parents, then they were never going to hear Iron Man the way it was supposed to be heard. That was the case until now.
Over the past few years music has begun to change once again. Bands and artists are now releasing vinyl again. Labels and producers are now advertising their artists vinyl releases just as much as their digital. The most important thing, however, is that the many indie record shops, in and around Manchester and all over the UK, are now; after many years of uncertain business future, are being filled with hungry people looking to find that gem. That one album that they’re captivated by from the work of art on the sleeve to the shiny 12” disc of seemingly endless grooves. Something they can own and hold in their hands as an entire piece of their favourite band and more importantly a piece of their own identity. It’s this that has been missing from music. Even Manchester has a website devoted to all things vinyl in the Greater Manchester area where you can purchase lots of indie albums and shirts (http://www.vinylrevivalmcr.com/). And not to mention a world wide event every March called Record Store Day. Watch out folks because music has changed, and vinyl is back in a big way.

Image – ©GettyImages


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