We Need More CRAZY In Our Lives

Writers come from all walks of life and have backgrounds that cover the whole spectrum but most have one thing in common: they’re all a bit mad.

That is, at least, they WERE all a bit mad. Now it seems like there are no insane writers. Nobody is pushing the buttons and challenging the very concept of what it is to be a writer – to be human.

Bring back the mad ones.

Bring back the insanity.

Bring back Bukowski, Thompson, Kerouac, Hemmingway, Poe and F. Scott.

Bring back the mad ones!



Never Trust

Never trust a human that seeks to be a
Never trust a person that throws away their life.
Never trust a meal where nothing’s recognizable.
Never trust a banker.
Never trust a banker!

Never trust your local MP – all they crave
is power.
Never trust a doctor that charges you a million.
Never trust a car that only costs a dime.
Never trust what an idiot says because the fault will be on you.
Never trust a politician to not do the wrong thing.
Never trust in anyone – only in your dreams.


You’re no god of mine
Only 25 years
You’re no god of mine
Billions in pain
You’re no god of mine
Ruining the planet
You’re no god of mine
Leaving us behind
You’re no god of mine
There is no

You’re no god of mine

If you exist,
Show your
supreme self.
We have nothing left
Nothing to prove.
Show yourself.

I’m no son of yours,

You’re no god of mine!

The Horror Genre

Yes I’m a massive fan of horror. Here on this section of my site I will be exclusively talking about it in all it’s forms. Fiction, Film, Music ETC.. . For now though, check out this brilliant Horror Genre Studies Essay by Sean Michaels.

Rest in Hell