Haiku #17

The world is so full
Of propaganda machines
All of them the same

by Liam Anthony Gallagher

Man of War

Man of War

Man of war
Woman of destruction
The children dying
The people crying
White phosphorous falling
On the screaming innocent in Palestine

So called leaders
Spreading fucked up lies
So called leaders
In their suits and ties
The bombs they threw
The wars they grew
The earth is a battlefield
Because of you

No one is safe
They’re all no better
The last one fled
The next one’s lesser

Jump into the not so distant future
Word War Three
An apocalyptic war
Has come to be
The reasons for fighting
Make no sense to me

It’s these
Men of war
Women of destruction
Breaking universal law
It’s the money seduction

Liam Anthony Gallagher

Never Trust

Never trust a human that seeks to be a
Never trust a person that throws away their life.
Never trust a meal where nothing’s recognizable.
Never trust a banker.
Never trust a banker!

Never trust your local MP – all they crave
is power.
Never trust a doctor that charges you a million.
Never trust a car that only costs a dime.
Never trust what an idiot says because the fault will be on you.
Never trust a politician to not do the wrong thing.
Never trust in anyone – only in your dreams.


You’re no god of mine
Only 25 years
You’re no god of mine
Billions in pain
You’re no god of mine
Ruining the planet
You’re no god of mine
Leaving us behind
You’re no god of mine
There is no

You’re no god of mine

If you exist,
Show your
supreme self.
We have nothing left
Nothing to prove.
Show yourself.

I’m no son of yours,

You’re no god of mine!