The Brilliance of David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce is probably best known for playing Niles Crane on the hit TV sitcom spin-off from Cheers, Frasier! This man is often forgotten of when talking about the greatest actors of all time, but why? His talent know no bounds. From crazy slapstick to dark and sinister drama, here’s 5 of his greatest moments:

  1. The Short Jokes

    During episodes of Frasier, Niles was often leaving to see patients and support groups and during this he says one line jokes about these patients or groups and David Hyde Pierce gives these jokes extra life. Along with mid conversation short jokes. He plays a small amount of words and totally steals the limelight.
    David Hyde Pierce – Best of Niles

  2. Niles Breakdown

    In an episode of Frasier in which Niles’ ex wife Maris murdered someone and drives Niles to breakdown in the coffee shop, losing his clothes in the process. David Hyde Pierce brilliantly and hysterically acts out this scene with comic precision.
    David Hyde Pierce – Niles Breakdown

  3. Valentines Slapstick

    If you know Frasier then you must know this scene. A solely acted scene by David in which Niles is getting ready for a valentines date. With slapstick hysteria this ends in catastrophe. Watch below for one of the most iconic scenes in sitcom history.
    David Hyde Pierce – Valentines Slapstick

  4. The Simpsons

    Along with many other voice works, David is perhaps most famous in the animation world for playing alongside Kelsey Grammer as brothers (just like Frasier) Cecil Terwilliger and Sideshow Bob. His voice work is brilliant.
    David Hyde Pierce – The Simpsons

  5. The Perfect Host

    This is a dark thriller staring David as a psychotic murderer who imagines his victims are still with him in his house walking around and partying. He travels down a dark and fearful road but does it so smoothly you’d swear it wasn’t the same guy who played Niles Crane.
    David Hyde Pierce – The Perfect Host

Bonus: Have a look at this talk David did where he addresses his long career on stage amongst many other things.
David Hyde Pierce on Larry King Now


Celebrating the Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

This year on July 18th would have been one of the most infamous writers of the 20th century’s 78th birthday. The man and legend that is Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. That’s right, Dr. Gonzo himself would have turned the clock to 78 (28 years more than he originally wanted, too). This comes only a few months away from the 10 year anniversary of Hunter’s death. So for this momentous occasion, Rainbow Bazooka and I thought we’d share thoughts on some of the Dr’s work. Here’s 5 of the most interesting pieces:

5. First up we’re going back to the very beginning: Hell’s Angels. This book brought to the public’s attention a writer who they did not quite understand. But they sure as hell did afterwards. This ‘no truth withheld’ account of an experience with the most notorious biker gang in the world, reset the bar of writing. For everyone from Tom Wolfe too the wit and whimsy of the chief of the Angels at the time, Ralph “Sonny” Barger. It is said that ‘Sonny’ only was able to write his recollections of the events of this time, because of Hunter’s “Brilliant writing” There is no doubt that this book deserves a spot in the top 5.

4. It’s very hard to place Hunter’s work in any specific order so this order (in my mind) may change from day to day. So up in 4th place we’ve got The Rum Diary. This was Hunter’s first attempt at writing fiction, which only got published many years after he originally wrote it. What many people don’t see is, while this story is largely fictional, that the main character is based on himself from his time at the very same San Juan newspaper.

3. Now we come to what is probably most people’s list topper, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Now I’d love to sit and talk for hours about the importance of this book. But life is too short and Hunter himself wouldn’t even put this at the forefront. This book is indeed an industry changer but because something is brilliant does that mean that this is all the writer has to give? Absolutely not!

2. Because it’s almost impossible to choose just one part of Hunter’s ‘Gonzo Papers’ essays and letters. I decided the number 2 spot should be the entire Gonzo Papers Anthology. Hunter cannot be set down in a list, so here at the penultimate spot is the entire Gonzo papers. This is probably the best insight in to this man’s brilliant mind. Make no doubt about it, this mammoth book contains a gigantic wormhole into the Dr’s soul.

1. We’re here at the helm folks. And there are very few exceptions to Hunter at his most brilliant, than in his own personal memoirs. That’s right, Kingdom of Fear is leading this race. This is Hunter’s own personal autobiography, and who better to teach the legacy of a genius than the man himself. This book offers many twists and turns and keeps you captivated from bow to stern. This is one of the greatest pieces of published works since Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925.

So here it is. Some of the most interesting pieces of the father of Gonzo Journalism. To really understand this man, you should read and watch almost everything that even remotely has some connection with him. He was the most imaginative and yet truthful artist. Yes I’m saying artist. Because in writing if you can compose words like Hunter did, you are indeed a creator of art.

So rest in piece, Dr. Thompson. You will never be forgotten. I’m handing this article in too late to be released on your birthday, with a glass of whiskey on the side of the keyboard and Jefferson Airplane blasting out of my speakers. All in homage to you. I hope you’re proud of one of your literary son’s. Here’s to you, Hunter Stockton Thompson, you beautiful bastard!

Image © Rolling Stone