Art and Literature

Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde both said that all art aspires to the condition of music. They were both wrong. All bad literature aspires to the condition of literature. All good literature aspires to the condition of lifeRaine


Drinkin’ All Day

Sippin’ away
Startin’ to sway
Livin’ my way
Drinkin’ all day…

Worlds apart you and me both are,
I never thought that we would ever grow this far.
Gonna spend the rest of my life getting drunk at the bar.
Ruining my mind, not so bright like a star.
I’m tired of your pity, I like being alone
Get smashed, have some laughs, brake a bone.
Ask my brother for a loan
Never pay it back, huff and snap, call the d on the phone.
Yeah man, can i get a bottle and a twenty?
Shit there’s only me. that should be plenty.
Filling up my guts so I don’t feel so empty.
Pathetic huh?
But never judge.
I’m a pleasure but without a drink I wont budge.
So I’ll be…

…Sippin’ away
Startin’ to sway
Livin my way
Drinkin’ all day

Blink Through a Love Story

Blink and you’ll miss it.
Though it wasn’t so hard to see,
With eye’s wide open.
It blasted through your blood,
And gave you a reason to go on.
Go on, in your pathetic little life.

You lived nearly dying,
Through all those years.
Life as a teen didn’t seem so great.
Untill the music turned up
And you got your escape.

But now the band has stopped playing
What will you do now?
Have you grown up in all these years?
Do you need to settle down?

Put the needle in the groove,
Those days will still be there.
Close your eye’s and think of them,
Your escape will never die!


When the world comes down nothing material will matter. NOTHING. The things you’ll think will be what you wish you’d done! So don’t wait until it’s too late, DO THEM NOW! Make every second count. You are the maker of your future, no one else. There is no such thing as yesterday or tomorrow, there is only now, only these moments, only today; so live today for everyone you love, live today for everything you love and love today because YOU – ARE – ALIVE.