Man of War

Man of War

Man of war
Woman of destruction
The children dying
The people crying
White phosphorous falling
On the screaming innocent in Palestine

So called leaders
Spreading fucked up lies
So called leaders
In their suits and ties
The bombs they threw
The wars they grew
The earth is a battlefield
Because of you

No one is safe
They’re all no better
The last one fled
The next one’s lesser

Jump into the not so distant future
Word War Three
An apocalyptic war
Has come to be
The reasons for fighting
Make no sense to me

It’s these
Men of war
Women of destruction
Breaking universal law
It’s the money seduction

Liam Anthony Gallagher

Только (Alone)

Я один в комнате, полной людей.

Нарушенные обещания лежал расколотого на полу.

В толпе людей я отказались.

На протяжении всей жизни друзей сокращено с незнакомыми людьми.

Не меньше.

Больше ничего.



English translation


I’m alone in a room full of bodies.

Broken promises lay shattered on the floor.

In a crowd of people I feel disowned.

Lifelong friends reduced to strangers.

Nothing less.

Nothing more.