Fortunes “Jacket” EP – Brilliant From Start to Finish

Fortunes are back with the follow up to their EP, “Hoodies”. New EP “Jacket” really turns it up a notch. Producer/Singer duo Connor McGabe and Barnaby Matthews channel essences of funk and soul in their new world R&B banger of an album. After the success of the last two singles ‘Bomber’ and ‘Justin Bieber’ this 5 track EP will leave you satisfied whilst drinking a beer outside on a Sunday afternoon. For a uniquely New Zealand sounding R&B experience check out the EP bellow:



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All Images Credited to FORTUNES.

The Brilliance of David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce is probably best known for playing Niles Crane on the hit TV sitcom spin-off from Cheers, Frasier! This man is often forgotten of when talking about the greatest actors of all time, but why? His talent know no bounds. From crazy slapstick to dark and sinister drama, here’s 5 of his greatest moments:

  1. The Short Jokes

    During episodes of Frasier, Niles was often leaving to see patients and support groups and during this he says one line jokes about these patients or groups and David Hyde Pierce gives these jokes extra life. Along with mid conversation short jokes. He plays a small amount of words and totally steals the limelight.
    David Hyde Pierce – Best of Niles

  2. Niles Breakdown

    In an episode of Frasier in which Niles’ ex wife Maris murdered someone and drives Niles to breakdown in the coffee shop, losing his clothes in the process. David Hyde Pierce brilliantly and hysterically acts out this scene with comic precision.
    David Hyde Pierce – Niles Breakdown

  3. Valentines Slapstick

    If you know Frasier then you must know this scene. A solely acted scene by David in which Niles is getting ready for a valentines date. With slapstick hysteria this ends in catastrophe. Watch below for one of the most iconic scenes in sitcom history.
    David Hyde Pierce – Valentines Slapstick

  4. The Simpsons

    Along with many other voice works, David is perhaps most famous in the animation world for playing alongside Kelsey Grammer as brothers (just like Frasier) Cecil Terwilliger and Sideshow Bob. His voice work is brilliant.
    David Hyde Pierce – The Simpsons

  5. The Perfect Host

    This is a dark thriller staring David as a psychotic murderer who imagines his victims are still with him in his house walking around and partying. He travels down a dark and fearful road but does it so smoothly you’d swear it wasn’t the same guy who played Niles Crane.
    David Hyde Pierce – The Perfect Host

Bonus: Have a look at this talk David did where he addresses his long career on stage amongst many other things.
David Hyde Pierce on Larry King Now

Drinkin’ All Day

Sippin’ away
Startin’ to sway
Livin’ my way
Drinkin’ all day…

Worlds apart you and me both are,
I never thought that we would ever grow this far.
Gonna spend the rest of my life getting drunk at the bar.
Ruining my mind, not so bright like a star.
I’m tired of your pity, I like being alone
Get smashed, have some laughs, brake a bone.
Ask my brother for a loan
Never pay it back, huff and snap, call the d on the phone.
Yeah man, can i get a bottle and a twenty?
Shit there’s only me. that should be plenty.
Filling up my guts so I don’t feel so empty.
Pathetic huh?
But never judge.
I’m a pleasure but without a drink I wont budge.
So I’ll be…

…Sippin’ away
Startin’ to sway
Livin my way
Drinkin’ all day

Blink Through a Love Story

Blink and you’ll miss it.
Though it wasn’t so hard to see,
With eye’s wide open.
It blasted through your blood,
And gave you a reason to go on.
Go on, in your pathetic little life.

You lived nearly dying,
Through all those years.
Life as a teen didn’t seem so great.
Untill the music turned up
And you got your escape.

But now the band has stopped playing
What will you do now?
Have you grown up in all these years?
Do you need to settle down?

Put the needle in the groove,
Those days will still be there.
Close your eye’s and think of them,
Your escape will never die!

Celebrating the Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

This year on July 18th would have been one of the most infamous writers of the 20th century’s 78th birthday. The man and legend that is Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. That’s right, Dr. Gonzo himself would have turned the clock to 78 (28 years more than he originally wanted, too). This comes only a few months away from the 10 year anniversary of Hunter’s death. So for this momentous occasion, Rainbow Bazooka and I thought we’d share thoughts on some of the Dr’s work. Here’s 5 of the most interesting pieces:

5. First up we’re going back to the very beginning: Hell’s Angels. This book brought to the public’s attention a writer who they did not quite understand. But they sure as hell did afterwards. This ‘no truth withheld’ account of an experience with the most notorious biker gang in the world, reset the bar of writing. For everyone from Tom Wolfe too the wit and whimsy of the chief of the Angels at the time, Ralph “Sonny” Barger. It is said that ‘Sonny’ only was able to write his recollections of the events of this time, because of Hunter’s “Brilliant writing” There is no doubt that this book deserves a spot in the top 5.

4. It’s very hard to place Hunter’s work in any specific order so this order (in my mind) may change from day to day. So up in 4th place we’ve got The Rum Diary. This was Hunter’s first attempt at writing fiction, which only got published many years after he originally wrote it. What many people don’t see is, while this story is largely fictional, that the main character is based on himself from his time at the very same San Juan newspaper.

3. Now we come to what is probably most people’s list topper, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Now I’d love to sit and talk for hours about the importance of this book. But life is too short and Hunter himself wouldn’t even put this at the forefront. This book is indeed an industry changer but because something is brilliant does that mean that this is all the writer has to give? Absolutely not!

2. Because it’s almost impossible to choose just one part of Hunter’s ‘Gonzo Papers’ essays and letters. I decided the number 2 spot should be the entire Gonzo Papers Anthology. Hunter cannot be set down in a list, so here at the penultimate spot is the entire Gonzo papers. This is probably the best insight in to this man’s brilliant mind. Make no doubt about it, this mammoth book contains a gigantic wormhole into the Dr’s soul.

1. We’re here at the helm folks. And there are very few exceptions to Hunter at his most brilliant, than in his own personal memoirs. That’s right, Kingdom of Fear is leading this race. This is Hunter’s own personal autobiography, and who better to teach the legacy of a genius than the man himself. This book offers many twists and turns and keeps you captivated from bow to stern. This is one of the greatest pieces of published works since Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in 1925.

So here it is. Some of the most interesting pieces of the father of Gonzo Journalism. To really understand this man, you should read and watch almost everything that even remotely has some connection with him. He was the most imaginative and yet truthful artist. Yes I’m saying artist. Because in writing if you can compose words like Hunter did, you are indeed a creator of art.

So rest in piece, Dr. Thompson. You will never be forgotten. I’m handing this article in too late to be released on your birthday, with a glass of whiskey on the side of the keyboard and Jefferson Airplane blasting out of my speakers. All in homage to you. I hope you’re proud of one of your literary son’s. Here’s to you, Hunter Stockton Thompson, you beautiful bastard!

Image © Rolling Stone

Robin Williams: Remembered Top 5

On Monday 11th August 2014 the world was shook by the news that Robin Williams had sadly died. We have lost a brilliant man and one of the worlds most artistic and funny souls. There are many reasons the world loved, and still loves, this man but it’s in no small part due to his giant catalogue of well above par works from stand up comedy to TV and film. It’s clear to see from the worlds response to the news how much he has affected our lives through his work and for many of us he was a massive part of our childhood. So we’ve cherry picked five of his very top works. These are not in order from best to worst (or visa versa), just five of the very many good pieces of work from this wonderful man’s career.

5. Mork and Mindy: This Happy Days spin off was probably most peoples first introduction to Robin Williams. Mork and Mindy received world wide acclaim from viewers and sky rocketed Robin’s career in a very short time. This show is a very brilliant and comic look to life and holds a special place in a lot of eighties kids hearts.

4. Jumanji: This film is a children’s classic and will forever be regarded so. While this is not a cinematic feat of genius in filmic terms, it is still fantasy gold with a lot of Robin’s usual comic personality thrown in.

3. Good Morning Vietnam: Probably Robin’s first world renowned block buster. He plays a crazy radio DJ that is assigned to the armed forces radio. He is joined by Forest Whitaker in the cast and delivers brilliance after brilliance from beginning to end. This film is probably at the top of a lot of people’s favourite Robin Williams films list.

2. Mrs Doubtfire: This film is seen the world over as one of the greatest comedy films of all time. And I don’t doubt that everybody who is reading this has at least some recollection of this film. This is a true family classic with a heart warming story built in to a barrel of laughs. Sadly though due to Robin’s passing Mrs Doubtfire 2, which was in development, will probably never see the light of day.

1. Robin’s Stand-up Comedy: Through-out the world of stand-up comedy, Robin is often placed near the top. And sadly, his work in this field is often overlooked by most people. Not many people could be as unique and quick witted as Robin and his often childlike way of delivering his stand up show made him stand out from everyone else. His show ‘Weapons Of Self Destruction’ is a personal highlight of his stand up career.

Other picks: There are of course too many works to mention in just one article but here are just a few more to get your teeth stuck into. Jack, a film where he plays a child with the body of a full grown man. Good Will Hunting, a multi award winning film written by Matt Damon & Ben Affleck. He was also capable of fantastic dramatic acting like in One Hour Photo a dark thriller that showed his ability’s didn’t just lie in comedy.

Let us not forget what this man means to us all. Let his films live on for many years to come.

Rest in peace Robin. You will be missed dearly by us all.

Image © ABC News

Service Station Food: WHY?

Shall we stop at the next service station for something to eat?”

The above is a question you should say no to. Avoid it at all costs. Unless you fancy a heart attack and violated senses by the constant aroma of piss and petrol.
As I stand in line surrounded by screaming kids and the sound of newspapers being rustled, satisfying the minds of the simple as they look at some nice perky breasts and who the latest overpaid lout to move to Manchester United is, my nose is coaxed away from the smell of petrol and taken over by the smell of a buffet of comfort food dishes that surprisingly look as appetising as a Gordon Ramsay Christmas turkey. Great! An upside to stopping here…

Sausage, Mashed Potato, Peas and Gravy please.”

Ahh… naivety, something that still plagues me.

Giant Yorkshire Pudding, mate?”

Result. Or so I thought.

You see, the people that provide us the food at these places may as well provide the food for aeroplanes, hospitals and that God awful stuff we got served at school. And for all we know actually do, because what I got served may have looked like a Ramsay dish but it certainly tasted like a 5 year old kids attempt at a masterchef final.

Gravy as thick as caramel. Mash that you could use to cement a wall together with. And sausages that are capable of hammering in a nail. The best part of the meal was a small spoonful of garden peas that were so tasteless they were a satisfying escape from the rest of the meal.

I need to go get something else I thought. WHSmith, no I cant eat overpriced crisps and chocolate for dinner. Burger King, Oh great…

Can I have an order of high cholesterol and a side order of cardiac arrest please.”

Marks and sparks it is then as a last option for a sandwich that bankrupts me and is about as filling as a tic tac. This crazy place is reminiscent of a school lunch time. Jamie Oliver needs to get off his arse and change the food in here too.

This is a terrible state were living in, in this country. The food we’re served in the places that are supposed to be giving us good nutritional food for sustenance during school, while were in hospital or when we’re on a long drive are giving us nothing but addictive, chemical filled, overpriced processed tripe that’s not even good enough for your dog to eat.

They hit us with the age old fast food advertising trick. They show us pictures by professional photographers of food that is supposed to be the stuff you get given when you order it that are really pictures of food stylist altered grub that is nothing like the food you really get. When have you ever had a Big Mac that looked like the picture above your head when you order? I certainly have never! I can certainly say that making your own school dinners and driving snacks is probably the only safe way to eat in these fast food times.

Remember, you are what you eat, so don’t be a bag of harmful chemicals and saturated fats.

Image ©

The Simpson’s Guy: Brilliant or Desperate?

A massive announcement made at the 2014 International Comic-Con in San Diego, California, over shadowed almost the entire four day event. It was finally happening, a first glimpse at The Simpsons and The Griffins sharing the same screen together for the first time. This news, however, is not so exciting for everyone. Never before has there been such a mixed reception from viewers and fans alike about a piece of TV animation news since Scooby Doo miserably hit the big screen back in 2002. To really understand the split fan-base, an understanding of the fans themselves is needed.

We’ll start with the older of the two animated sitcoms: The Simpsons. Before we talk about each show’s dedicated fans we should talk about the history of The Simpsons. This show has a big past over the many years it has blessed our screens. When it first started back in 89′ it was solely a realism driven show (essentially a straight up sitcom that happened to be animated.) The animation was something you forgot about after the titles; it just drew you in much the same as a live action did. But in recent times this has changed; the makers have followed a modern type of route much like the more abstract shows. Some may say they have taken advantage of their freedom as an animated show. Others say they have lost their touch. But it does seem that for the fans they have lost they have accumulated more (younger people that are just discovering it). But with a daily decreasing of TV audiences, this show is perhaps getting to a smaller audience now overall. And maybe they are doing more daring things because of this, a whole LEGO based episode to commemorate the 550th episode as an example.

Now as a fan base, this show has had a devoted one, that spans to almost 25 years and 25 seasons (not including the fraction of the audience that has been lost over the years). There is some adult humour but it is often subtle, so this means it can be enjoyed by the whole family. Family Guy however is filled with direct adult humour and only came onto our screens at the turn of the 21st century. During this time TV was changing and show creators could be a lot more daring with what they put out their, particularly in the animation field (which is probably down to shows like Beavis and Butt-head and South Park setting the runway alight for that to happen). There are now many shows which take this route, The King of the Hill, Bob’s Burgers and The Cleveland Show to name a few. There are though some fans of both these shows, and both styles. It’s not so much the people in this group that seem to have much of a problem with this cross-over. It’s mainly the devoted fans on either side. Most people thought this cross over would never happen as in the past both shows have been known to belittle and poke fun at the other, with Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy doing most of the prodding. And Seth has been criticised in the past for stealing or copying ideas straight from Homer’s lap. And with this new episode being a Family Guy episode as opposed to a Simpsons one, there are people that are thinking Seth is catching some views from the Simpsons back once more. After all if this goes terribly wrong, the Simpsons have more to lose (the bigger you are, the harder you fall), as Family Guy will almost definitely have it’s cult fan base in full form long after the shows demise.

Now right off this crazy old bat you’re probably thinking “Why are they doing this? This poses to be a disaster.” Well you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that. Many people are calling out the makers of both Family Guy and The Simpsons and accusing them of doing this ‘publicity stunt’ to scramble back viewers for both of their shows in this modern world of ever shrinking TV audiences. While this certainly could have been on their minds when they decided this, it is most unlikely. As both show makers are just their to create the best comedy they possibly can. And this crossover definitely buries the hatchet for all those hits at each other.

There is one key thing to this crossover that we mustn’t forget. It will be the premier episode of the new season of Family Guy. It will not be an episode in the new season of The Simpsons. And this would only have worked in this way. It certainly would not have worked as an episode in the new Simpsons season. You can’t really have Stewie Griffin making lewd taboo jokes at 6 in the evening can you?
This, I think, is the reason this episode will be a hit. Fair enough it might not be suitable for the younger fans of the Simpsons but it should bring the rest of us some joy. And for the Simpson fans who are not big Family Guy fans, either don’t watch it or give it a 5 minute chance because you never know.
So lets not make a meal of this situation and watch the episode with open minds and do what comedies were created; have a bloomin’ good laugh.

Image © FOX